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hypnosG v-a trimis un videoclip: „Hypnosis Shock Induction”

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hypnosG v-a distribuit un videoclip pe YouTube:

An actual demonstration of a hypnotic shock induction! The subject drops like a ragdoll! This clip is from Hypnosis Motivation Institute's Free Foundations Course, check it out!


The Foundations Course is full of demonstrations and practical assignments. The principal goals of the Foundations course are the Emotional and Physical (E&P) Suggestibility and Sexuality concepts, created by Dr. John Kappas.

Greatly responsible for HMI's success and reputation, these written and oral exams provide the hypnotist with a behavioral profile that enables them to organize their linguistic pattern to perfectly match the suggestibility of the subject. The use of the E & P Suggestibility profile renders virtually everyone hypnotizable.
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